Residential building: Laze Kostića 1

Su+P+4+Pk, Lot no. 983/1 K.O. Novi Sad II, Occupancy permit no. V-351-4718/09


Residential building: Teodora Pavlovića 3

Lot no. 4391/1, K.O. Novi Sad II, Occupancy permit no. V-351-28/09

The application for the building registration has been filed

In preparation

Novi Subotički bulevar

Corner of the Novak Radonjić, Đorđe Magarašević i Olga Petrov streets

Sales department:

Tel: +381 21 450 900
Tel: +381 21 6420 300


Any information, advice, suggestions, presentations or deals will be available according to your wishes and to your best interest.

In order to improve customer relations, the company Dijagonala is about to open a customer service centre, where all interested parties will have the opportunity to get the precise and reliable information important when choosing the residential or commercial space. Customers and clients will be given the opportunity to get the advice from lawyers, architects or other professionals of various qualifications free of charge; they will also have the opportunity to express their special wishes and requirements which will be taken into account in the course of the construction of the building and the interior furnishings.

All citizens and businessmen will have the chance to be thoroughly informed about the offer of Dijagonala, and generally about the company, its partners and about a new sales department located at Radnička no. 28 in Novi Sad.

Take part in designing your future space, so that your dreams get the desirable form, just like you want it ...

In preparation for construction:

Novi Subotički Bulevar (at the corner of the Novak Radonjić, Đorđe Magarašević i Olga Petrov streets)

Dijagonala is about to begin construction of a new residential and commercial building on the avenue of Bulevar Evrope. The designed building has the following structure: Basement + Ground floor + Garage + 5+1 Floors, with emphasized segments at the corners facing the avenue of Bulevar Evrope at the height of one floor: Basement + Ground floor + Garage + 6+1 Floors. Given the size and the complexity of the building, the construction is planned to be performed in 3 phases (terraced buildings).

The attractiveness of this location lies in the fact that Bulevar Evrope is one of the two new boulevards in Novi Sad, and it connects this part of the town with other ones in a fast and efficient way.

The architecture of this building is going to fit into the surrounding area, with the emphasis on modern materials, forms and details of the design of the building.

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