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The commercial and residential building located at the corner of the Železnička street and Laze Kostića street has been completed and occupied by tenants. Occupancy permit no. V-351-4718/09.
As the design and technical documentation for construction of a new residential and commercial building consisting of three terraced buildings located on the bulevar Evrope has been completed, there are on-going preparations for commencement of the construction.
Adaptation and capital furnishing of the building of the Serbian National Theatre have been completed.
The building of the central kitchen of the pre-school institution of PU Radosno Detinjstvo in Novi Sad has commenced.
The final stages of construction works of the pre-school institution of Ruma have been in progress.
The final stages of works on Jodna banja, a specialized hospital for rheumatic diseases in Novi Sad, have been in progress.
The final phase of paving of the swimming pool complex with accessory facilities in Srpska Crnja has been in progress.
Adaptation of the health station in Platičevo has been completed.
Refurbishing of the Institute of rheumatology in Belgrade has been completed.
Rough construction works on the sport hall of "Đura Jakšić" elementary school in Čurug, the gymnasium of "Vuk Karadžić" elementary school in Bačko Dobro Polje, and the gymnasium of "Branko Radičević" elementary school in Ravno Selo have been completed.
Building of pitched roofs on the structure "Aqua Marin" of the specialized hospital for rheumatic diseases in the Kanjiža spa has been fully completed.
The finishing of the rooftop extension of the existing building of "Kamenica 2" of the Institute of pulmonary diseases of Vojvodina in Sremska Kamenica has been in progress.

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